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HTTP Request BodyEmpty

HTTP Request Headers

HTTP Header 'Download-Req' containing a Base64 encoded ASN.1 serialized SecuredAuthenticatedDownloadRequest, containing a SignedAuthenticatedDownloadRequest, containing a ScopedAuthenticatedDownloadRequest, containing an AuthenticatedDownloadRequest with a filename property of the form [0-9A-F]{16}_[0-9A-F]{1,8}.zip, where the first group of 16 hexadecimal digits is the device's request hash obtained from the initial provision pseudonym certificate batch request, and the second group of up to 8 hexadecimal digits is the i-value. Example: corresponds to i value 15, for device with request hash AB09281C9867DE53.

Range (optional) as defined in RFC 2616:

To support partial downloads for resuming interrupted transfers. Examples: 

  1. From byte offset 500 to 700: Range : bytes=500-700
  2. Starting from byte offset 1000 to the end: Range : bytes=1000-
HTTP Response BodyIf no Range header is present, the entire zip file corresponding to the requested batch. If a Range header is present, the specified bytes of the referenced file.