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Crash Avoidance Metric Partners LLC has registered 16 PSIDs with IEEE 1609.2 and IEEE RA and included them in the PROD ICA certificate. Before requesting certificates with one of those PSIDs, the PSID has to be re-assigned following this process, otherwise your request will be rejected:
  1. The requesting organization mails their request to, with a copy also sent to The mail should include:
    1. A specific note that this is a request for a transfer of one of the CAMP CV Pilot Application PSIDs
    2. The standard PSID request form from, filled out in full
    3. An explanation of how the PSID will be used in the Pilot Deployments so that CAMP can determine whether the use case warrants the use of one of the CAMP PSIDs. 
  2. If CAMP is not satisfied that there is a compelling reason to transfer, CAMP engages in correspondence with the requester to understand why it is necessary to use one of the CAMP PSIDs. 
  3. Once CAMP is satisfied that the transfer is necessary, CAMP mails a response back to the requester and CAMP also sends copies of its response to and This mail includes a soft copy of a letter on CAMP letterhead stating that the transfer is requested by CAMP subject to review by the PSID allocation subgroup in 1609. The mail instructs the requester to fill out the IEEE-RA Change of Information form,
  4. The requesting organization fills out an IEEE-RA Change of Information form.  In that form, the requester must provide the email address of a contact at CAMP who can approve the transfer (, as well as the email address of the organization’s contact.
  5. The IEEE RA does their vetting: 
    1. RA requires formal documentation from the entity, including the name of the application, etc. The RA may require other formal documentation from the entity as they see fit.
    2. RA passes the request to the 1609 PSID allocation subgroup for review.
  6. The request is put on the agenda of the monthly PSID allocation meeting (first Wednesday of every month) for 1609 review.
  7. If the request is approved, the 1609 subgroup contacts CAMP (, the IEEE-RA (, and the original requester to inform them that the request has been approved.
  8. IEEE-RA carries out any further necessary due diligence, updates the online list of assigned PSIDs, and notifies the requesting organization, the 1609 subgroup, and CAMP that the transfer is complete.

Once step 7 of the process is successfully completed, CAMP will update SCMS PoC Supported V2X Applications and inform the USDOT and their contractors to start accepting enrollment requests with the transferred PSID for eligible devices.