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  • The goal of the EE-SCMS Core Communication Requirements section is to define all requirements that an EE must follow whenever establishing a connection to the SCMS.

  • Individual requirements shall be labeled with their respective use case(s).

  • In cases where a specific use case has a conflicting requirement, that use case shall define the new requirement and reference which core requirement is being overridden.

Background and Strategic Fit

IP Address Translation

  • Prevent SCMS component (RA, CRL Store, etc.) from learning location information based on the IP address of the EE.
  • LOP & SCMS Component must have adequate separation.

TLS Connection

  • Provide a means to verify the identity of the SCMS component by using x.509 1-way authentication.
  • Encryption is an added privacy preserving enhancement but not a core requirement.

IEEE 1609.2 Encrypting and/or Signing

  • Provides application layer security and privacy.

Diagrams of Communications Methods

Overview of Methods
Overview of Multiple SCMS Components Served by Single LOP

Existing JIRA Issues with "EE-Handshake" Label

Key Summary Description justification notes Component/s

Existing JIRA Issues with OBE or RSE Component

Key Summary Description justification notes