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EEs use this service to refresh its locally cached RA certificate.

HTTP Request BodyASN.1 serialized SecuredRACertRequest PDU Message.
HTTP Response BodySerialized IEEE 1609.2 certificate




  1. The 1609 certificate is returned to the device.

Error Handling

See "RA-EE Errors" in Overview of Used Error Codes

Quality of Service

Estimated values are per logical unit, meaning multiple individual nodes can contribute to achieve the desired level of service.  The number of vehicles likely to download the RA certificate is a function of the number of years in service:

Quality Metric
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years

Assuming half of all new cars plus all existing vehicles need to refresh their copy of the RA certificate in one week.

8,500,000 new vehicles / 604,800 seconds/week

14 requests / second

(8,500,000 new vehicles + 34,000,000 existing vehicles) / 604,800 seconds/week

70 requests / second

(8,500,000 new vehicles + 68,000,000 existing vehicles) / 604,800 seconds/week

126 requests / second

(8,500,000 new vehicles + 153,000,000 existing vehicles) / 604,800 seconds/week

267 requests / second

Quality of Protection

  • RA protects access with HTTPS (TLS V1.2)
  • Supports at a minimum OpenSSL cipher suite ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-SHA256