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EEs use this service to submit a Misbehavior Report (MBR) that RA will forward to the Misbehavior Authority. 


HTTP Request Body

ASN.1 serialized SecuredMisbehaviorReport

HTTP Response BodyEmpty


  1. EE is not revoked



Error Handling

See "RA-EE Errors" in Overview of Used Error Codes

Quality of Service

For PoC, the volume for this interface will be estimated by the currently underway V2V-CR Project (GMBD), but is not expected to have significant impact on system throughput requirements.

Quality of Protection

  • RA protects access with HTTPS (TLS V1.2)
  • Supports at a minimum OpenSSL cipher suite ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-SHA256
  • Uses certificate-based client authentication of data signed by the device enrollment certificate, validated at the application layer. This is a supplement to the one-way TLS authentication, to provide two-way authentication with a TLS/1609.2 hybrid scheme.
  • Incoming message is encrypted (within the ASN.1 message structure) with the MA Component certificate public key